1959-1972: Ireland in colour

1959-1972: Ireland in colour

March 8th, 1966 - A half-demolished Nelson's Pillar on O'Connell Street, Dublin

The top of Nelson Pillar, in O'Connell street, Dublin, was blown off by a tremendous explosion at 1.32 o'clock this morning and the Nelson statue and tons of rubble poured down into the roadway. By a miracle, nobody was injured, though there were a number of people in the area at the time.’

 - Irish Times, 8th March 1966

June 1963, O'Connell Street, Dublin (Photograph by Richard Tilbrook)

September 1961 - Airport Bus, Store Street, Dublin


June 1963 - Garda directing traffic, O'Connell Bridge, Dublin

c. 1972 - Molesworth Street, Dublin 

c. 1971: Georgian houses on Ardee Street, Dublin, from Cork Street

April 1, 1962 - The Theatre Royal, Hawkins Street, Dublin


9th April 1970 - Aftermath of a huge fire at Thomas McKenzie & Sons Ltd., Pearse Street, Dublin, opposite Tara Street Fire Station

‘The blaze was the worst experienced by crews of Dublin Fire Brigade in five years, according to the city's chief fire officer, Mr. Thomas O'Brien. The entire stock of the shop—one of the biggest ironmongery firms in the city—was lost. The estimated damage was put at £300,000 by the firm's managing director, Mr. Michael O'Keeffe.’

- Irish Times, Friday 10th April 1970


1959 - C.I.E. Barge 37.M at Portobello

c. 1960 - A fishing trawler returning to Skerries, Co. Dublin

June 1963 - The Fisherman aka Tadhg Devane (Photograph by Richard Tilbrook)

‘He was a fisherman, boat-builder and a great character. The Devanes, like the tribe of Dan, abode in boats and came originally to Portmagee from Dingle. His daughter, Mary, and family and his niece, Helen, still live in Portmagee.’

- Mossy Carey

c. 1960 - Clifden, Co. Galway

1963 - Group of men, Corpus Christi procession, Cahir, Co. Tipperary

c. 1963 - Patrick Sullivan's Bar

c. 1960 - Ford Consul Mk II., Ring of Kerry (Photograph by Richard Tillbrook)


c. 1960 - Seamus Johnson, working alongside the Gallarus Oratory on the Dingle Peninsula, Kerry (Photograph by Richard Tillbrook)

‘He always had a dog with him. He was a very kind and gentle man. He was paid by the government to be the caretaker of that ancient church. He used to stand up at the oratory and tell people the history of the place. People used to think he worked there and they would tip him.’

- Sean Johnson, Seamus' nephew


June 1963 - Horse drawn plough, Ring of Kerry