c. 1967: Working for Bell Labs

c. 1967: Working for Bell Labs

“In the late '60's I worked for Bell Labs for a few years managing a data center and developing an ultra high speed information retrieval system. It was the days of beehive hair on the women and big mainframe computers.

“One day I took a camera to work and shot the pictures below. I had a great staff, mostly women except for the programmers who were all men. For some reason only one of them was around for the pictures that day.”

- Larry Luckham

Operations Manager. Check out the slide rule in the pocket and the sideburns. Hey, it was the '60's!”

“Lecture. I have no idea what I was discussing here, but somebody picked up the camera.”

“Computer Operations Supervisor. Yvonne was another of the computer operations shift three shift supervisors and a great asset to the project.”

“Programming is Fun. Even when it doesn't work the way it was supposed to the first time!”

“Programmer Relaxation. Bits and bytes and a little folk music go a long way. All the programmers were mathematicians by training.”

“Data Control Unit

“Karen was one of about a half dozen very smart people in the data control unit making sure that the data going in was good.”

“Data Control Supervisor

“Toni on the left supervised the Data Control Unit.”

“Data Terminal Test Room

“These special prototype terminals were state of the art at the time and were the first displays in which the data was first written to memory then displayed.”

“Data Terminal Test Room”

“Demonstration Center

“Demonstrations of the system were presented in a special series of rooms created for the purpose. In addition to a working terminal the center was equipped for a short film and slide presentation.”

“Prototype Terminal

“A prototype terminal was set up in the demo center.”

 All images and text: Larry Luckham.