c. 1890-1910: People of Amsterdam

Workers on the Van Diemenstraat.

The work shown here is by Dutch artist and photographer George Hendrik Breitner. Born in 1857, he initially became a painter and was a prime mover in the Impressionist movement in the Netherlands. He worked closely with Van Gogh. 

In his 40s, Breitner turned further attention to photography, initially as a way to record scenes, and particularly weather conditions, for his paintings. 

Breitner died in 1923, aged 66.

Reflection of canal houses in the water on the Singel 377 to 385

A cyclist on the Prinsengracht.

Geldersekade and Geldersche quay.

   View of Gasthuismolensteeg on the corner of the Herengracht.

View of Gasthuismolensteeg on the corner of the Herengracht.

A view of the Rokin.

Children play in a sand dump near Prince Island.

A snowy view of the Damrak.

Workers at the construction site of the Municipal Bath and Swimming Facility at the Heiligeweg.

Cavalry resting in a field

Portrait of a mounted gunner with two horses,

Artillery riders on horseback

Yellow Riders on horseback near Arnhem


   The Handboogstraat

The Handboogstraat

View of the Looiersgracht in Amsterdam

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