c. 1900-1930: Weddings of Sogndal

The Norwegian municipality of Sogndal, in Sogn og Fjordane county, sits on the northern shore of Sognefjorden. The photographs shown here, spaning the first decades of the twentieth century, portray assembled guests at local weddings.


The more recent photographs were taken by Olai Fauske (1887-1944).  Born into a farming family Fauske trained in Bergen and then worked from the town of Førde.

c. 1928: Wedding at Husetuft

The bride and groom may be Nikolina Husetuft (b. 1901) and Ingolf Åsen (b. 1903). In the second row to the right of the bride and groom, dressed in a grey suit, is Nils Husetuft (1871-1962). He is the father of the bride. To the left of Nils is his brother Andreas Husetuft (b. 1873).

1928: Wedding at Støfring

The wedding of Kristina K. Støfring (b. 1902) and Nikolai B. Støfring (b. 1892). The parents of the groom is seated to the left of him, the parents of the bride are seated to the right of her. The three girls in bunad (Norwegian national costume) seated to the right in the front row, are probably the bride's sisters. The man on the left in the grey suit is Kristian Eikås (1899-1974) who later founded the school "Heimeyrkesskulen i Jølster". Behind and to the left of Eikås is Anders D. Gjesdal who was the master of ceremonies at the wedding.

c. 1912-1920 Wedding

The bride is wearing a bunad (Norwegian national costume) and bridal silver. Both the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride are wearing traditional dress from the Sunnfjord region.

The older photographs, taken around 1900, are the work of Knut Aaaning (1880-1922).  Like Fauske, Aaning had also trained as a photographer in Bergen. He then worked from his hometown of Stryn - and possibly from his home

Although Aaaning left behind thousands of glass plate negatives on his death, today only 23 negatives remain, and show extensive water damage and other forms of corrosion. The six images showed here - five below and one at the beginning - have been digitally restored by Retronaut's team.