EUROPEANA - 'Disrupting History'


In the autumn of 2013, Europeana’s marketing team began a collaboration with Retronaut, using Retronaut's SPEED model. 

"We started using the SPEED model in Europeana’s social media activities in October 2013. Almost immediately, we saw incredible growth in the reach of what we were sharing on social media, especially on Facebook. It quickly became evident that SPEED was helping us to identify the digital objects from Europeana that would have the most impact on social media and reach many cultural window shoppers."

"As a result of working with Retronaut, we saw the reach and impact of our social media presence increase, simply because of what we were sharing. There were almost as many impressions of our content on Facebook in the months we worked with Retronaut - October, November and December - as the rest of the year combined "