1906: Panorama of Manhattan

(Library of Congress via Shorpy)



‘‘Retronaut's New York,’ a pop-up exhibition of historic panoramas of New York produced by SC Exhibitions runs in Spring 2016 at Premier Exhibitions, 417 5th Avenue, Manhattan. The exhibition was opened by Josh Sapan, CEO and Chairman of AMC Networks.

‘For ‘Retronaut's New York,’ Wolfgang Wild has taken as his starting point a set of extraordinary panoramic photographs capturing New York City more than a hundred years ago. These widescreen images are not the small, sepia and faded snapshots of the past that we have come to expect. The images are massive, super high-resolution, and extraordinarily over a century old.

‘Each photograph has been painstakingly digitally cleaned and restored by Jordan Lloyd of Dynamichrome from the versions held by the Library of Congress, the results wiping away the decay of time and rendering the scenes of New York City into crisp detail. The past becomes the present once again.’

- Broadway World